Popover Shirts


The vintage-inspired shirt with a half placket is your new favorite style. This part dress shirt part polo shirt blurs the line between casual and dressy. It's dressier than a polo, but more relaxed than your average button-down.

Made famous by Ivy League students in the 60's, the popover shirt gets its name because you have to "pop" it "over" your head. Makes sense to us. It wasn't long before the popover found its way to international style icons, taking it from a distinctly American style to something with broad appeal.

A popover shirt is a woven garment that has 4 buttons at the top of the shirt. The half placket stops at the center of the chest. Since the popover does not have a full placket with buttons going down the front, you have to "pop" it "over" your head and shoulders to be worn.
Due to the lack of stretch in a woven garment, the body is cut a little looser to make it easier to put on and take off. This looser fit gives the popover a more casual, relaxed look.

The best way to describe the popover is a polo shirt made with dress shirt fabric.